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Kate MacLeod

Photography - Jeanette Bonnell

Songwriter - Vocalist - Fiddler - Composer

Americana UK says..."Macleod’s pure, clear voice is perfect for a timeless song and theme."

Music inspired by the Utah region, from the heart of the American West.
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"such deep can use this as a yard stick to define the difference between
a musician and a celebrity" Midwest Record - USA
"...a very solid offer of beautiful songs here" Rootstime - Belgium
"Her latest album Uranium Maiden strikes home with distinction, pleasure, and dramatic belief, with the musicology of a patient and inspiring performer." Liverpool Sound and Vision - UK
"It may be about Utah but the experiences and sentiments should touch a chord with communities far beyond its borders, while the music and her songs assuredly make this one of the best Americana albums you'll encounter this year."
Mike Davies, Fatea/UK
​"With lyrics that often augment the mystique behind the songs, wonderful vocal deliveries, and equally impressive playing, MacLeod admirably captures the essence of the American West on Uranium Maiden."
Lonesome Culliton

If you are in need of a sound that fills you up like food for the soul, then look no further. Kate MacLeod has you covered. - Nashville, TN

Awarded "Best of the West" by the Far-West division of Folk Alliance International.

2019 Sound Award from the Alfred Lambourne Friends of the Great Salt Lake
for the violin duet The Great Salt Lake Visited (a contemporary classical piece).

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