Sheet Music

Kate's original violin/fiddle pieces, and some songs, are available in PDF format through this page.

Deep in the Sound of Terra

PDF Downloads - $3.00 each


Purchase individual downloads for each fiddle tune in the book of melodies on the Deep in the Sound of Terra CD. The book includes a chapter of extra tunes, also available at this page.

The notation is of the melody and chords. The instrumental arrangements on the CD are not notated in the sheet music.

Blue Sky Blue

Maxfield Parrish Sky

The Land Before Man

Iowa Hills

Blow Me Down Brook

The Oregon Trail

Sand in Breeze

Sunrise on the Colorado Plateau

Desert Rain

Assonet Bay

The Train Across the Great Salt Lake

Ice on Lake Mohonk

The Mohonk Jig

The Moon and Mount Rainier

Arriving Vashon

The full printed book is available in hard copy for $15.00 through the Books Page of this site. Published by Dream Garden Press, this book is also available at Ken Sanders Rare Books.

Apology to the Native Rock

Friends Across the Ocean

There Is a Place

This video is an example of one of the melodies included in this book and on the CD.