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To view more videos visit MacLeod's
YouTube channel! 
The channel is the home to her Improv Fiddle Tunes series; examples of Kate playing her original fiddle tunes. 

Performance 2022, Berryville, VA with John Bryant on bass, singing a Jean Ritchie song. 

Pick, Pick Apples. A track from Uranium Maiden,

Kate's 2022 full-length recording of music inspired

by Utah and the American West. 

Performance 2022, Berryville, VA, solo fiddle, original tune. 

Video - Time Zone - Track 2 on Unranium Maiden

Video - Live Concert

Video - Fair winds and Following Seas
Photos - A Harmonious Sound Project 

Video - Recording Trailer - Song, The Day Is Mine 
Photo Montage for the  "Blooming" Recording 


Tim O'Brien and Kate MacLeod in the studio working on Blooming.


Track 1 from "Deep in the Sound of Terra"

Sunrise on the Colorado Plateau, from a series of videos of Kate playing her original fiddle tunes. 

Video - A Harmonious Sound
Photos - A Harmonious Sound Project
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