Kate MacLeod's recordings are available on this page.

They are also available through Ken Sanders Rare Books in Salt Lake City, UT. Full-length CDs and singles are available through most online digital distribution stores. 


Kate's new recording, Uranium Maiden, is a collection of her original music inspired by the region of Utah and the American West. The songs span 40 years of songwriting, and the recording itself took 6 years to complete. For detailed information about this recording, including song lyrics, photos, and the stories behind the music, visit the Uranium Maiden page on this website. 

This recording is only available through this website, and Ken Sanders Rare Books, until Feb, 2022,
when it will be released nationally. 



The Secret Forest LamentSQ.jpg


The Secret Forest Lament

The Secret Forest Lament was inspired by my reading the book The Secret Forest, by Charles Bowden, published in 1993 by the University of Arizona Press. The book describes the cultural destruction, and the destruction of the landscape itself, of the rare Dry Tropical Forest that grows in the southern area of Sonora, Mexico. The song is a lament echoing the book. Charles Bowden was a courageous journalist, defender of environment and justice. Jack Dykinga, the photographer for the book, has shared his photographs for this project. This song was made possible through the financial support of Utah Humanities, The Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and those who support my projects through Fir further details about this song see the NEW MUSIC page. 

Deep in the Sound of Terra

2017 - This recording celebrates Kate's first full length violin/fiddle recording, inspired by landscape and nature, and dedicated to our home, Earth. All melodies composed by Kate MacLeod, arrangements and accompaniment embellished by guest musicians. Guest musicians are Darol Anger, Catherine Bent, Kevin Burke, Kat Eggleston, Skip Gorman, Mark Graham, Larry Lawson, Christopher Layer, Otter Creek, James Scott, Dylan Schorer, Robin Spielberg, and 3hattrio. A published book of the melodies is available at the Book Page, all tunes are available in PDF at the Sheet Music page.



1. Blue Sky Blue Prelude

2. Maxfield Parrish Sky

3. The Land Before Man/Iowa Hills/Blow Me Down Brook

4. The Oregon Trail,

5. Sand in Breeze/Sunrise on the Colorado Plateau/Desert Rain

6. Ice on Mohonk Lake/The Mohonk Jig, Assonet Bay,

7. The Train Across the Great Salt Lake

8. The Moon and Mount Rainier/Arriving Vashon

9. Apology to the Native Rock

10. Let the Dove Come In

Kate MacLeod - At Ken Sanders Rare Books 


2014 - This is MacLeod's only published concert recording.

It was recorded with an audience at Ken Sanders Rare Books

in Salt Lake City, UT. It's a collection of original songs all inspired by books. Distributed by Waterbug Records.

Song lyrics and further details about this recording

can be found on: THIS PAGE.

Tracks: All songs composed by Kate MacLeod

1. Anam Cara                               3:55 

2. Love In and Out of Time                  3:36

3. Intro: Riding the White Horse Home    :29

4. Riding the White Horse Home           4:04

5. PrairyErth                                5:01

6. Intro: The Annual Menhaden             :19

7. The Annual Menhaden                  2:55

8. Butch Cassidy Was Here                5:10

9. The Solace of the Broken                3:41

10. Intro: Blue Highways                 :25

11. Blue Highways                       3:46

12. Intro: Shadows of Avalon             :23

13. Shadows of Avalon                 4:46

14. Intro: Lucy of LIttletown            :29

15. Lucy of Littletown              3:25

16. Tom Egan                      4:46

17. New Homeland                   4:08

18. Intro: A Pilgrim's Progress        :26

19. A Pilgrim's Progress                  3:12

Lost and Found

Soon to be re-released in a double CD set with the recording Drawn from the Well.

This recording is available in

digital format through CDBaby.

2011 - This is the second duo recording by musicians Kate MacLeod and Kat Eggleston.

Kat Eggleston: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Kate MacLeod: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Harmonica



2009 - This Kate MacLeod recording of original songs was produced by Tim O'Brien and features Tim along with Darrell Scott, Byron House and Kenny Malone. It was recorded and mixed by David Ferguson in Nashville, TN. Included in the song list is a song by Jack Hardy, and a co-written song with Robert K.Wolf.


(All songs written by Kate MacLeod except those noted)

1. The Day is Mine   4:11
2. Blooming   3:50
3. Where the Magic Happens   3:42
4. Riding the White Horse Home   4:04
5. Road to Heaven   3:59
6. Branded Heart   3:22
7. Something Left You Living   4:46
8. My Teton Home   3:49
9. Return to Rawlins   3:22
10. The Inner Man (Jack Hardy)   4:26   © 1979, Jack Hardy Music, BMI

11. A Smile Worth a Million   2:42
12. As Far as the Heart Can See (Kate MacLeod and Robert K. Wolf)   3:30

Kate MacLeod and the Pancakes - Breakfast



1. Thirst Quencher      MacLeod   3:27
2. Potter's Wheel         MacLeod   4:40
3. No More Cane         Traditional   4:49
4. Forget Me Nots        Jack Hardy   3:59
5. Autumn                      MacLeod   4:48
6. Love Is Gone            MacLeod   3:49
7. Gartan Mother's Lullaby     Traditional   3:47
8. Whole World Round        Mitch Jayne & Joe Stuart   5:11
9. Handsome Molly        Traditional   3:40
10. Prodigal Son             Traditional   5:23
11. The Greenwood Side       Traditional   5:45
12. Balmy Song                MacLeod   3:12

13. Time Passes Slowly       Bob Dylan   3:56

2005 - This recording is a band project by Kate MacLeod and the Pancakes, featuring Kate with musicians Mark Hazel, Barry Carter and Cliff Smith.

Drawn from the Well


1. Good Ship in Order        Traditional   4:19
2. Drawn from the Well      Instrumental - Eggleston    3:33
3. The Annual Menhaden     MacLeod     3:32
4. Measure for Measure        Eggleston    3:37
5. Kitty's Rambles Traditional     Instrumental    2:43
6. Tom Egan                             MacLeod    5:07
7. The Beverage Set     
    Coffey's Reel (trad.), A Cup of Tea (trad.), The Kylebrack 9.         Rambler (Finbar Dwyer)        Instrumentals  4:47
8. Go to the Water                     Eggleston    3:33
9. Give Me Your Hand        Instrumental - Ruainn O'Cathain    3:45
10. Over the Moor to Maggie       Traditional Instrumental   2:33
11. The Two Sisters                      Traditional     3:59

12. New Homeland                      MacLeod    4:59

This recording is available in

digital format through CDBaby.

2002 - This is the first duo recording by Kate MacLeod and Kat Eggleston. Kat Eggleston: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer. Kate MacLeod: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle.


Soon to be re-released in a double CD set with the recording Lost and Found.

Feel the Earth Spin


Tracks:  All songs written by MacLeod and except track 2

1. Potter's Wheel      4:44
2. Way Out West      Mary McCaslin  3:55 
3. My Baby Leaving      3:06
4. Wild Birds              3:15
5. Cliffhanger             4:05
6. My Unclaimed Love       3:11
7. Shadow Changes         3:22
8. Beautiful Flowers         3:59
9. The Annual Menhaden     3:40
10. Winter Love                  4:05

11. Revelation #1               4:30

2001 - This recording is completely solo, MacLeod and some of her original songs. She also included Mary McCaslin's song Way Out West.

Constant Emotion



All songs written by MacLeod and except track 9

1. Constant Emotion            3:31
2. Talkin' About Good News   3:32
3. Long Ride Home              3:51
4. My Forsaken Love            4:16
5. Adam                              5:21
6. New Song                         4:01
7. A Long Time Ago               3:46
8. Second Chance at Romance      4:14
9. The Piney Wood Hills    Buffy Sainte-Marie   4:32
10. The Red and Green House     4:14
11. The Child                          4:32

12. Green                              4:59


1997 - This recording, produced by Charles Sawtell.

Kate MacLeod: vocals, guitar, fiddle, harmonica. Peter Rowan: vocal harmonies.. Charles Sawtelle: guitar.

Matt Flinner: tenor guitar, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin. Barry Carter: acoustic bass guitar. Mark Diamond: acoustic bass.

Sally Van Meter: dobro. Kelly Wallis: drums. Ty Burhoe: tabla

Trying to Get It Right



All songs written by MacLeod and except track 9

1. Lark in the Morning         3:11
2. Alaska                             3:05
3. Angels on My Mind        4:02
4. Me and My Medicine        3:21
5. PrairyErth                             5:01 
6. Pawn Shop Man                   3:20
7. Welfare Line                       4:09
8. Alabama Midwife                   4:00
9. Play the Piano with Style         3:30
10. Some Things Are Easy     3:08
11. Gospel Songs                    2:02

12. None But One         Jean Ritchie    3:56

1995 - MacLeod's first recording, produced by Charles Sawtelle.

Kate MacLeod: vocals, guitar, fiddle, harmonica. Matt Flinner: tenor guitar, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin
John Magnie: accordion. Mark Diamond: acoustic bass

Additional recordings that Kate MacLeod is on, featuring her Utah-based Celtic music group named Shanahy.
A Fair Land Lies Before Me (2004) and Far Away (1999).

Kate has recorded and sometimes performs as vocalist and fiddler with Skip Gorman. The recording, Trails, Rails, Hills and Tales, features old-time country songs and some of Skip's original music.

Kate has worked with Americana group Triggers and Slips as guest studio musician and producer of their tangential recording Buffalo vs Train.

Kate sings lead and plays violin and guitar in Red Rock Rondo,
an Emmy Award-winning chamber folk ensemble.


Kate recorded and performed with the mythical song bard Jack Hardy 
who sadly passed away in 2011. Her violin playing is on three
Jack Hardy releases; Omens, Bandolier, and Noir.


Kate was also producer for the the state of Utah-based Utah Phillips Tribute CD
recording--a dream come true for Kate. You can sometimes find Kate performing with
Phillips' son Duncan Phillips, and a host of other songwriters, in Utah Phillips tribute
concerts and projects. Information about the Utah Phillips archival work can be
found at The Long Memory Website.


MacLeod has also worked with Anke Summerhill, performing with her and producing recordings titled The Roots Run Deep and Shine on Through.