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Uranium Maiden

Kate MacLeod's new recording - Uranium Maiden is available in CD and Digital formats HERE,
and in CD format at Ken Sanders Rare Books

It is scheduled to be released nationally on Feb 4, 2022, when it will then also be available on all of the streaming sites.

Visit the Uranium Maiden page of this website for recording information, lyrics, song notes, and photographs. 

The Secret Forest LamentSQ.jpg


The Secret Forest Lament


Copyright Kate MacLeod 2020, Courier Music, ASCAP

Lyrics and music by Kate MacLeod

Arranged and Produced by Kate MacLeod

Recorded and mixed by Michael Greene at Counterpoint Studios (Salt Lake City, UT) and Funk Studios (North Salt Lake, UT) during 2019-2020

Mastered by James Anderson at The Bit Farm in Torrey, UT  



Kate MacLeod – vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar Mark Hazel – harmony/supporting vocals

Bob Smith - Drums and Percussion

This song has resulted in one of the most in-depth 

reviews/interviews Kate's had in years. Check it out

at, a Nashville-based music zine. 

In 2019 I was asked to create a song based on writings of Charles Bowden, for an event commemorating the 5th anniversary of his passing. When I read the book The Secret Forest, by Charles Bowden, it immediately inspired me to write this song. The book was published in 1993 by the University of Arizona Press. The Secret Forest describes the cultural destruction, and the destruction of the landscape itself, of the rare Dry Tropical Forest that grows in the southern area of Sonora, Mexico. The forest has been decimated for economic reasons, leading to native communities losing their grasp on traditional lifestyles that had been for generations tied to the life of the forest. The song is a lament for the loss of the forest that echoes the book.

Charles Bowden was a courageous journalist, defender of environment and justice. He often wrote about the American Southwest. Late in life he was known for his writings on the war on drugs surrounding the US-Mexico border and its effects on the lives of the people in that region. Jack Dykinga, the photographer for the book, has shared his photographs with me for this project. 

I have a long history of composing songs based on books, in fact, I have a full-length recording that features some of them...At Ken Sanders Rare Books, recorded live in concert at a book store. That CD, along with more of my work, is available through my website store.


This is one of the interesting percussion instruments that we added to the song

in the recording studio.

Listen at this YouTube video...

The creation, recording, and release of The Secret Forest Lament was made possible through the financial support of Utah Humanities, The Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and those who support my projects through 

Thanks for listening.

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