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Song Lyrics

All songs © Kate MacLeod, Courier Music, ASCAP

unless otherwise noted.

Recordings: Lost and Found and Blooming

(I Love You is) Sometimes a Sound

on K2's Lost and Found

I love you, I love you

I hear you say I love you

You want to say I love you

You want for me to say it, too

But I love you is sometimes a sound

A better sentence could be

How do I love you

How do I know you

How do I lift you up

How do I not let you down

If I love you is mostly a sound

I might have lost some of my hearing

From listening to noise too long

You can turn a head with a word

But turn a life around with a love that's strong

Now what about the playground

And the children of any town

And the barroom and the courtroom

And the music of the wedding gowns

If I love you is sometimes a sound

Could be that the words are just too easy

Could be that some of the meaning is lost

Could be someone's interpretation

Could be a subject of fiction or too high a cost

I love you, I love you

The whole world says I love you

Meanwhile someone waits and waits 

And waits and waits for love

Because I love you is sometimes a sound

The still small voice that moves me

Is softer than a heart that pounds

And the sweet chords of our longing

Become distorted when we bring them down

I love you, I love you

I hear you say I love you
You want to say I love you
You want for me to say it, too
But I love is sometimes a sound
A better sentence could be
How do I love you
How do I know you
How do I lift you up
How do I not let you down
If I love you is mostly a sound

My Forsaken Love

on K2's Lost and Found

Now since you've gone I've grown so old inside

I need a walkin' cane

And grieves the spirit that we knew

In our own timeless way

CHORUS:  That I may hope to someday see

                Once more your shining face

                Now gone from me, somewhere far

                From my forsaken love

My friends they always ask me why

Someone like me is alone

And I must give that same reply

My love's been here, now gone

I never will understand

What took your heart away

For what beneath the heavenly stars

Did our love not embrace

Lark in the Morning

on Lost and Found and Trying to Get It Right

I sing of love lost 

Losing the time, letting it go free

Lark in the morning, another day before me

I know that your love

Wasn't born on a promise for me

Lark in the morning, let it go free

REFRAIN: But my eyes, my eyes

                Take me back to the scene of love

I grow so weary with no word from a lover

Lark in the morning, another day before me

Your love is gone, most likely to some other

Lark in the morning, let it go free

REFRAIN: But my eyes, my eyes

               Take me back to the scene of love

               My eyes, my eyes, take me back

I see no others and my nights are no more fun

Lark in the morning, another day before me

I'm making peace with losing a loved one

Lark in the morning, let it go free

REFRAIN: But my eyes, my eyes

               Take me back to the scene of love

               My eyes, my eyes...                  

Where the Magic Happens

on Blooming

I want to go where the magic happens
Where the future smiles on me
I learned a lesson hard
When one day I let it go
It fell glistening through my hands
From my sparkling hands
CHORUS: Now I’ll go where the magic is
               I can feel it on a day like this   
               No hesitations
               Though who can guess
               The rhyme or reason
I want to go where the shining is endless
And the innocent decree
I’ve had enough of the serious stuff
That’s been laid on me
And on hard working hands
And on my sparkling mind
Sometimes it’s where I least expect it
When 1am is breathing
Anywhere that a miracle can happen
That’s somewhere that I want to be
And anywhere that we are
Don’t need a falling star


The Day is Mine

​on Blooming

I was born on a spring day
The wind was howling change
Through the lover’s lives
A crocus was peaking trough the snow
The moment met
With the opening of my eyes

CHORUS: Someday I will turn
                   My gaze into a tunnel of light
                   Until that time
                   When I am swept away
                   The day is mine

Now every step I take
Is a wild one
That I make willingly
I cannot leave without accounting
For my stay
And my dancing feet

What I do with a minute or two
How I raise my stakes
A little higher
Who I love when the sun goes down
How I hope to wake



on Blooming

On the side of a hill
I see in blazing colors
What was not here yesterday
And may not be tomorrow
Someone to love
The evening primrose
An apple blossom
A wild bush and a sparrow
All have risked the frost
to find their place in the sunshine
A promise or a loss
With the coming of the springtime
And everything is blooming
Blooming, don’t go

From the highway
The hills are glowing
To be so bold
To think that this is true love
We’ll drive for miles
For a smile the morning
And then imagine
Where we are going
I have risked the frost
To find my place in the sunshine
I have loved and lost before
But still believe in springtime
Everything is blooming,
Blooming, don’t go

And if we have
Fresh air
Longer days
And room for growing
We could buy an acre
And set it free
See a fawn
And love that newborn feeling
And feel the frost
To know the warmth of the sunshine
I will love and lose myself
To wear the colors of the springtime
And everything is blooming

Blooming, don’t go

Branded Heart

on Blooming

I thought I knew us well
Baby Face and Angel
But the lawlessness of loveliness
Took us by the halo

CHORUS: And I will never know
               How such a good love
               Could deal such a cruel blow
               While this question mark
               On my branded heart
               I have come to know

I loved your hair cascading
And I remember times of waiting
But now I feel the burning seal
From the last thing that you gave me

Bridge: I bought a car and I tried roam

              I tried to move my heart alone
              But I discovered time
              And collected mine
              Maybe this small town can help me 


Riding the White Horse Home  
Based on book of same name, by Teresa Jordan

on Blooming

This story’s trying to make me cry
Or is this the chinook wind in my eye?
Was it the father’s fighting sons
The Iron Mountain mortgage
Or the passing on that won?

Oh the people buried there
Their silver spurs were

Always passed down to someone
They fixed the old corral
They saved the orphan calf
They built the hall where we had fun

CHORUS: We knew the land, so well
                   We knew each other well
                   I dream of riding my white horse
                  While nothing would keep fate 
                  From taking the  ranch away

Oh well, the ladies moved away
The local store and the station, they burned down
My Daddy broke another leg
I had my graduation day
Yet only the hog back hills will stay here

A drifting soul I did become
Until I wrote down my memories of my loved ones
Now  my new love is (he's) sure the one
He knows where I come from
And we ride horses when we’re near some

I remember baking with my Mom
And the little stone under my tongue
How they kept thirst away when I was young
Now I love the life I have
And I have plenty of days to face
But I sure miss the old home place

Road to Heaven

on Blooming

Road to heaven
Where are you taking me today
The past is waning
And I wake to turn another page

I see the sun rise
Every morning through the glass
Some days are easy
Some days they take all that I have

CHORUS: Am I ready
                Love is shaking like a leaf
                I’m going somewhere
                I’ll go anywhere
               This road will lead me

I’ve learned a few things
I’ve learned to let go of the time
Letting go is faith
Light snow that falls forever from the sky

Going up hill may be hard
But the view is worth the climb
And the more that I can give away
The lighter is this load of mine

Bridge: I’ve got to mend my coat

           And make it ready for the day
           Day of ice, made of fire 

           Made of hope, made of clay

           Any minute
           I could be taken away
           I hope to see you my friend
           Before the closing of the day


Something Left You Living

on Blooming

Theodore thinks he is a king
No subtle thing
If there are no kings anymore

Heroes rap at my door
They tell me what
They think they can do for me

Watch the romance sting
The costumes bring
A look, of grace, style to the war

CHORUS: The merchant counts your change         
                Your minutes too are levied
                The only sign  (to Vals)
                Is nearly missing
                You could have died that day
                But something kept you living
                Left you living

Books might tell a tale
Of fame and glory
But they could be all wrong

A mother’s super vision
Is sometimes hidden
Behind a skirt too long

Now, you work ‘til midnight
You buy the story
The bag of honor is yours


Some might believe
The trees are singing
And some are here for sport

Light can play a trick
You choose you’re  right    
You choose you’re wrong and you’re bored   


Flowers scent the air
The babies stare
The more the beautiful

Please don’t tread on me
I mind my business
And I want some more

My Teton Home

on Blooming

Snow drifting across the road
The car is following the taillights
Of the one ahead
There is no scenery through the falling snow
The winter has laid the forest
Into a quiet bed
My friends wait patiently
They just want to see me
Safe and warm
But I can find my way
Through anything
To my Teton home

The mountains break up the messages
But you know I’m still with you
Even out of sight
The weather changed in a minute
They made us stop for an hour
For the dynamite
But an hour is nothing
It’s only there to remind us
Of our place in all
And I will make my way
Through anything
To my Teton home

White winter decides to go
The clouds begin to move
The fog to disappear
There the Tetons stand above us all
The cutting edge
Unmistakably severe
They are my northern star
I know where they are
When I am lost
And I will find my way
From anywhere

To my Teton home

Return to Rawlins

on Blooming

CHORUS: Return to Rawlins
                   That’s what the sign says
                   You cannot go further
                   For the ice and the snow
                   And the rest of the reasons
                   I cannot go further
                   Are reasons that
                   Only God knows

I tried to leave it
My truck stop on the highway
My pit stop for the hungry
That high lonesome snow
But I was born here
Beneath the skies of heaven
In a mile markin’
Carbon County home

I know that I’m better
Than the mud on my leather
And I’d like to go traveling
And to give m regards
To a star-lit town
Where I could go far
With my good looks
My wit, and my charm

Bridge: But who’d keep an eye
              On the dreams of my darling
              And who’d keep an eye
              On my friends in a storm
              They would miss
               My truck and my timing
               My good looks
               My wit, and my charm


A Smile Worth a Million

on Blooming

I’ve seen the mansions and what a fortune can buy you
But by the time I make a fortune it won’t be worth a piece of coal

CHORUS: But all I have to do now
                   Is sing a little tune
                   And I’ve got peace of mind
                   And a smile worth a million

I’ve walked a path that I’ve heard leads to wisdom
But by the time I get there I could be tired and old

Well things could be different if I’d made some different plans
Been called a different name or had been dealt a different hand

As Far as the Heart Can See

Co-written with Robert K. Wolf

on Blooming

Look at you
So much like me
Yet your time
Is not like mine
As you stare at your horizon
Go untethered
Go undaunted
Know a light will shine

Chorus: As far as the heart can see
               As far as the soul can say
               I know my little bird will fly
               As far as the wind can sigh

Don’t forget
This chain of gold
Wrap it around
Your rear view mirror
Take it now
For luck in leaving
With the money from your summer job
And some words from me

Bridge: Regardless of the long and short
          The broken hearts
          The slamming doors

           I hope you will be brave and bold


All songs © Kate MacLeod, Courier Music, ASCAP

unless otherwise noted.

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