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Let's keep the music on the move, not on the shelf!

The best way to connect with what I'm creating is through my Patreon site,

where you'll receive regular updates, and will hear and see projects before they go public.

The work I do with music is a heart-centered endeavor working from a small home,

with the help of an assistant, and the backing of wonderful musicians who play in concerts and on recordings with me.  I reside part-time in Salt Lake City, UT where I've lived for many years, and in Harpers Ferry, WV,

where I look after my mother when I'm not on the road performing. 

The music business is in transformation due to this era of music streaming. 

This has effected the incomes of musicians, rendering the sale of merchandise now a welcome bonus sold mostly at our concerts. The record labels that used to distribute and sell my music are no longer in existence.

Ironically, radio airplay, and now streaming, are even more important than ever to promote music.  

Musicians at every level of the business are looking for inventive ways to roll with the changes.

I've made some progress by applying for numerous grants and scholarships,

as well as benefitting through 

For as little as $1, you can join in the circle of people involved with the projects I create. All of the funds collected through my Patreon page are used to create recordings, videos, and published works that are in process of creation. 

Numerous projects have come to fruition since I began my site,

including the Deep in the Sound of Terra music book, a single song The Secret Forest Lament,

and the full-length recordings Deep in the Sound of Terra and Uranium Maiden.

Now my longterm project of study, performance, and creating recordings of Jean Ritchie, is coming into focus. 


Here is a review of a Jean Ritchie single song release that was supported through 

"This is a recent recording and a song covered from an American singer-songwriter, Jean Ritchie, but it is as if I'm listening to a recording by Fairport Convention from, say 1970. (Sounding extremely good, granted.) It is the first release by Kate MacLeod, a folk singer-songwriter from the U.S., who is working on a tribute project of songs by Jean Ritchie, who lived from 1922 to 2015. If a word underscores the music on this song it is grace. Wintergrace is so graceful. MacLeod sings and plays guitar and dulcimer. She is accompanied by John Bryant on acoustic bass and Morgan Morrison's harmony vocals. Together they cast a spell with Wintergrace lasting a full five minutes. Despite all involved are American (Appalachian) musicians, this song is pure U.K. folk of the kind that I hear every once in a while but never at this level of musicianship. MacLeod has only just started. Expect more under the moniker The Jean Richie Experience soon."


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