Recording and Film Projects with Others

Hear the wonderful new 2019 Skip Gorman recording including Kate on vocals and fiddle. Trails, Rails, Hills and Tales "The Donegal Cowboy, is available through

Skip Gorman's website


Kate MacLeod and Kat Eggleston have two full-length recordings as a duo, Drawn from the Well, and Lost and Found, that will soon be re-released on a 2-CD set. 

Kate recorded violin for the documentary film Annie Pike Greenwood, We Sagebrush Folks

Kate recorded violin for the documentary film My Canyonlands, a Portrait of Kent Frost

Kate produced the Long Gone, U. Utah Phillips Tribute recording, featuring musicians from the state of Utah who were influenced by the work of Utah Phillips. The recording was orchestrated by his son Duncan Phillips, who lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT.   

Kate was co-producer, singer and fiddler on the Buffalo vs Train recording, featuring Morgan Snow, John Davis, Michelle Moonshine, and Kate MacLeod.

Kate is singer and violinist for Robin Spielberg's American Tapestry trio, and on the trio's recording From Sea to Shining Sea.