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Tidbits from the Archived News 



SingOut! Published Kate's Song!

Sing Out! Magazine published Kate's song "My Forsaken Love"

in the fall 2012 issue.The song is also incuded on the issue's

recording sampler, taken from the Kate MacLeod and

Kat Eggleston duo recording Lost and Found

Kate was voted best...Female Songwriter, Fiddle Player, and Celtic

Band (Shanahy) by the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association's IAMMIES awards. posted March 14, 2012


Jen Hajj records a previously unrecorded Kate song!
Jen Hajj recorded a beautiful arrangement of Kate's song "Ave the Bird"

on her Orn-i-tho-lo-gie recording released in Nov, 2011.

NPR - What's in a Song
National Public Radio aired a "What's in a Song" segment based on Kate MacLeod 
and her song Something Left You Living, a song on her Blooming CD. It was aired nationally on Sunday Feb. 20, during "Morning Edition."

The 4-minute piece is archived HERE.

Kate's Smashed Guitar - Thank You Delta Airlines

Well, we've all heard about it, the smashing of instruments in airline travel.

And it happened to Kate. Delta Airlines smashed her "guitar for upscale concerts" to smithereens. No kidding. It was unbelievable. Despite the fact that the case was unharmed. How did they do that trick? The follow-up is a long story, including the company holding onto the smashed guitar, and then THROWING IT AWAY!

THAT is what got them in the long run. As soon as it was mentioned, that their throwing away someone's possession was probably a crime, the situation was treated with utmost respect and Kate began to get some compensation that included the amount of money the guitar was worth and three free round trip tickets in the continental US. 

Jack Hardy - The Passing

Kate's long-time friend Jack Hardy, fellow musician/magician,

brother in kinship, soul-friend in universe time, passed away on March 11, 2011. Kate recorded two of Jack's songs, performed on several of his recordings and toured with Jack in Europe and the USA. 

Utah Phillips Tribute CD
The Utah-based Utah Phillips tribute CD, produced by Kate, has arrived!

For detailed information about this project and its related activities

see: There is a thorough interview/article on

the project published by Victory

It is available online through Waterbug Records.

Emmy Awards: Red Rock Rondo Documentary

It's exciting to announce that the 1-hour documentary "Red Rock Rondo, Zion Canyon Song Cycle" has garnered Emmy Awards in two categories from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Rocky Mountain Chapter. Utah musician Phillip Bimstein won the Emmy for Best Musical Composition, and Utah producer Taki Telonidis won for Best Arts Entertainment Program. In the 6-member Red Rock Rondo Ensemble that performed the music in the soundtrack, Kate sings lead and plays guitar and violin. The full-length CD of the project's songs and the documentary DVD are for sale through the Western Folklife Center. 


Stonecircle Records Kate's Winter Love

The celtic-fusion group, Stonecircle, recorded Kate's song Winter Love

on their CD, Metamorphosis. It is a lovely rendition, with an elaborate

and thoughtful arrangement. For information about this recording


Laurie Lewis Sings the Lark

Laurie Lewis included a Kate MacLeod song on a recording, once again.

This time it is Lark in the Morning, one of Kate's most covered songs.

It's a remarkably beautiful version, included on Laurie's new CD, Blossoms.

You can purchase copies through Laurie's website at
Thank you Laurie!




Instructional Video

Kate has available for sale a new instructional video: "Beginning Fiddle

for the Novice or the Classically Trained." See the CDs page for DVD

description and how to order. 

YouTube Demo Link:


'Song of the Soul' Radio Interview

Listen to a radio interview with Kate MacLeod, recorded on November 25, 2008. Interviewer - Mark Judkins Helpsmeet.
This interview will be stored for listening at
and at Kate and Mark Judkins Helpsmeet are both

members of Quaker communities in their local areas, hence the interview

includes this common subject matter as substance within the interview.

You will hear what is behind some of the songs that Kate has written

and recorded. A direct link to the interview is...

Kate is "Artist in Residence"

Kate was Artist in Residence by the Entrada Institute for the

2008-2009 season. She spent time in Torrey, UT, creating music inspired by the Colorado Plateau. Listen for upcoming music inspired by her time spent in and around Torrey, UT, by the beauty of Capitol Reef National Park and by the rich community of people that live there.

Laurie Lewis Records "Alaska" Again

Thanks Laurie! You can hear Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum sing a "live"  duet version of Kate's Alaska on their latest recording release, Live - Laurie Lewis and The Right Hands. See Laurie Lewis' website at


Download-Wyoming Dove-Fundraiser

Kate's recorded song, "Wyoming Dove," is available for download sale through This song "Wyoming Dove", written in October 2006, was inspired by a conversation with a resident of Wyoming whose family member was serving in Iraq and is dedicated to all families with members who are or were serving overseas. Profits from download sales will be donated to the American Friends Service Committee, an organization that carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world. In 1947 the AFSC, along with the British Friends

Service Council, received the Nobel Peace Prize. Kate has performed this song at numerous performances over the past year where audience members requested that she record this song and make it available for listeners to share. She is joined on the recording by her musicans friends, Mark Hazel providing the vocal harmony, Steve Keen on accordion and Robert Dow on electric bass.

Mollie Covers Kate

On June 14, 2007, Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore release their new CD, 900 BaselineIt was recorded before an audience at the Chautauqua Community House in Boulder, Colorado. Mollie and Rich have included Kate's song, Lark in the Morningwhich has become standard repertoire in their performances. On 900 BaselineKate is in good company, for her song is among others by Steve Goodman, A.P. Carter, Percy Mayfield, Bob Haymes, Malvina Reynolds, Memphis Minnie, and Ted Jarrett. You won't want to miss Mollie's new collection of timeless songs--sung by one of the most talented singers of our time, and accompanied by her long-time partner Rich Moore. For more information and links to purchase this CD and Mollie's others (including her 1996 studio recording, Tell It Trueon which she first recorded Kate's Lark in the Morning) see Mollie O'Brien's 

website (

Laurie Covers Kate

Kate's song Alaska has been recorded by the divine bluegrass/old-time/songwriter, Laurie Lewis. The recording of Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, Guest House was released March 30, 2004, on High Tone Records. For further information about Laurie Lewis, visit her website at Alaska can be found on Kate's bluegrass-flavored 1995 debut recording, Trying to Get it Right, produced by Charles Sawtelle, available through Waterbug Records and also this website (see Kate's CDs page).

2014 Awards!

Kate has been awarded as Best Violin/Fiddle and Best Female Songwriter by the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association. This is the third year she has won for songwriting, and the second award for Violin/Fiddle. 

Posted May 19, 2014

New Recording Update

Kate MacLeod - At Ken Sanders Rare Books 

can now be purchased at concerts, online at Waterbug Records, at Ken Sanders Rare Books in Salt Lake City, UT, and through digital media outlets.

Read this REVIEW

Posted March 31, 2014


IAMA Award

Kate was awarded "favorite songwriter"

2013, a repeated award, by the

Intermountain Acoustic Music Association.

Posted May 2, 2013 


River City Folk - March 18, 2013

Kate and Kat Eggleston will be featured on

the syndicated radio show River City Folk,

hosted by Tom May. The airings will begin

on March 18. For a list of stations that carry

this show and for information on how to

listen to it online, see this link.

​​Posted February 15, 2013


Art of the Song Interview

Art of the Song, a syndicated radio show based in New Mexico, has posted a one-hour feature interviewing Kate MacLeod, Duncan Phillips, Anke Summerhill and Doug Wintch, about the recording Long Gone, songs of Utah Phillips. You can listen to the program HERE.

Posted February 15, 2013

A New Year

I'm starting my new year off with a new website.

Thanks for visiting it! 

Posted January 4, 2013



Kate's songbook is now available through

Ken Sanders Rare Books, Waterbug Records,

and directly through Kate MacLeod.

For upcoming book release and signing parties

see Kate's calendar page at this website.


Posted December 22, 2015


Kate is now sponsored by Shubb guitar capos!


Posted December 22, 2015


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